What is Human Design?

Wonder if there is an easier way to learn human design?

The Journey of Self Discovery is challenging enough!

What if there was a map towards your highest potential?

Could there be a guide to light up the path of least resistance?


YES, there is! Maybe you’ve heard of this system called “Human Design,” but all your attempts to decipher these funny lines and numbers actually left you feeling even more frustrated, bitter, angry, and disappointed. You know your overly logical mind is calling the shots, but you can’t seem to find your way out of the mental gymnastics.
How in the world do you understand human design?

I get it & I hear you. As a fellow spiritual seeker and self-development enthusiast, I’ve committed to providing you with all of the tools to not only understand yourself on a genetic level, but to take it a step further towards fully trusting the wisdom of your unique energy body.

This isn’t about just learning the game. It’s about practice. Experiencing your DNA mechanics at play is the ultimate self-awareness.

I want you to not only understand the Human Design system with ease, but to fully embody your gifts without feeling overwhelmed, develop your own intuition, cultivate your own strategies to navigate your life, and support your loved ones in achieving the same.

Feel empowered knowing yourself in your fullest capacity.

Have You Seen the Themes of Consciousness Poster?

Have you seen the themes of consciousness poster?  Hanging this ascension poster up on your wall is a great way to visually raise your consciousness!

Look up your Free Human Design Chart Here

what is human design?

Does this sound like you?


You’ve read all of the self-improvement books and dabbled in the spiritual modalities.


You’ve heard all about “Love and Light,” but most days you feel bogged down, unable to find your true essence, wondering why you can’t just trust that it’s all going to turn out okay.


You try your hardest to be self-aware, but you sometimes feel like you can’t explain your needs or what you’re feeling, perhaps even creating strain in your relationships.


You seek external validation and somehow, despite your best intentions, you’re living the life that others have decided for you.


Maybe you’re feeling completely burnt out at your day job, and know deep down inside you’re destined for more.


You want to know how to move past your fears, let go of the the judgement and shame you inherited as a child, the anger and frustration that brings you down. Externally, you’re looking for a sign.


You long for a life of freedom, of flow state, of alignment with your Soul’s purest yearnings for you. Fully trusting, fully satisfied, completely at ease, peaceful, and joyously delighted by life’s beauty. You envision yourself living your truth with confidence, absolute presence, and abundant vitality.


You’re wildly familiar with the multitude of self-awareness systems out there, but they’re all so overwhelmingly packed with information that you’re not sure where to even begin.

You want a solution to not only guide you, but to help you serve your clients, your loved ones, and the world.
You don’t need another over-complicated esoteric system – you need practical tools allowing you to blend the science with the spiritual, to tap into your fundamental consciousness to heal your deepest wounds from the inside out.
Ultimately, you want to feel free to be who you’ve always known, deep down, you came here to be, but until now thought was too good to be true.
Luckily, we’ve investigated and experimented to remove the guesswork for you. Not to worry, we break it down with our own empowering and simple language. We additionally provide our expert suggestions and opinions on which practices and aspects to focus on based on your design.
Last but not least, we harness the power of community support to build confidence and learn from a variety of perspectives.

What would your life look like if you finally gave yourself permission to live your highest truth and had the tools to do so?

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Poverty Vow Annulment

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5 Traits of Human Design Manifesters

5 Traits of Human Design Manifesters

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Understand Your Sacral Chakra as a Generator in Human Design

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Are You A Manifestor in Human Design?

Are You A Manifestor in Human Design?

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Three Things Every Manifesting Generator Needs to Know

Three Things Every Manifesting Generator Needs to Know

Every Manifesting Generator needs to know these three things about their Human Design   Manifesting Generator Tip Number One: As a manifesting generator, you are a combo type, you are part human design manifestor and part generator, two very different strategies....


You are here to be the guides of the world. Your Soul chose to house inconsistent life force energy, freeing up your internal bandwidth making you highly perceptive of other people’s processes and situations. When you recognize your own gifts and talents, you become a beacon of light that draws others in to learn from you.

As you surf the energetic currents created by others, your energy is most efficiently expended when you wait for others to recognize your gifts and “invite” you to share your wisdom. This allows other people to see you and create space for you so that your acuity has space to land.

What to do while waiting? Come back to recognizing yourself! Lift yourself up with self-love and appreciation for what lies within you. Study something new, connect with family & friends, recognize others and lift them up with what you see. Remember that sometimes when you choose to take a back seat, the Universe has a way of propping you up front and center.

By sharing your Light with the world and aiding in the success of others, you naturally become successful. Success is your signature and is within you, always.


You are the oracles and the evaluators. You come into this life completely open, reflecting the external world as yourself. You are the ultimate mirror, reflecting both light and dark aspects hidden deep within others.  In a perfect world, we would look to you to be the center of society as the meter of our grand evaluation, so we can see how we’re really doing as a collective.

Being highly empathic, you require significant alone time and ample time in nature to empty out the energy you take in from others. Plants, pets, & children – the simple things in life – all help you in getting back to center. 

You’re highly connected to the moon and you’ll feel her energy as she transits through all 64 energetic themes within a 28 day time frame. Therefore, when making big decisions, allow the wisdom and Divine timing of the moon guide you towards clarity. You might feel like you transform each month in the way others take an entire year to transform.

Give yourself permission to feel like a different person every single day and to be surrounded by the highest quality people/places/things. If you’re not healthy, it’s because your environment isn’t healthy. Additionally, release the pressure to have everything planned out. Reflectors are extremely clutch — when intentionally emptying out your aura each day, you’ll be able to walk into a room and know exactly what to do and say, but this only happens in the moment as you receive the energy.

Manifesting Generator

You are here for our evolution. Like generators, you supply life force energy, but you are not so much here for “mastery”; you are here to be the way-showers, to engineer completely new pathways, to expand for the rest of us what we believed to be possible. 

Your life’s work is learning to balance the “warrior” and the “buddha” living inside of you. As a hybrid type, you have the “Manifestor” side of you which can manifest experiences into your EXTERNAL reality at rapid speeds, but you also have (and more prominently) the “Generator” side of you which is constantly striving for balance of your INTERNAL world, MAGNETIZING those experiences to you.

We know, we see it all the time how tempting it is to feel that “manifesting” quality within you and act on your urges without first receiving something to respond to. When you hit the wall filled with frustration, that is your #1 clue to hit the internal “pause” button. Ask yourself, “what am I trying to make happen here? How can I follow the path of least resistance?” 

You are not here to be linear, but to pivot between many things. Moving quickly, “making mistakes,” and trialling many different opportunities to further catalyze your discovery. Give yourself permission to be “big,” to be inspiring, to try all the things, and to unapologetically and abruptly change directions. Be the unique version of yourself you’ve always known you are here to be.


You are here to supply the life force energy for the world, but not by sacrificing yourself and people-pleasing! We live in a win-win Universe, so by doing what you love, you literally “generate” more life force energy, allowing it to spill over onto others. You are the creators of the world, and will find deep satisfaction and rest when you playfully expend all of your energy by the end of your day. Generators are deeply committed and intentional, often devoting their life to mastering one craft or several.

You are so full of energy that you often want to initiate, but ironically, when you’re clear about what you desire, you are always magnetizing people and opportunities your way. Your job is to trust the Universe to bring you opportunities to respond to, never settling for anything that doesn’t completely excite you.

When something is in alignment for you, it’ll feel like energy is rising from your gut toward your throat, like you want to stand up straighter, squeal, and/or dance around in amazement. When something isn’t for you, you’ll feel yourself hunch over, sigh, groan, and even cross your arms in front of your stomach to protect your precious energy from escaping. Pay attention to your body language!

When feeling stuck, frustrated, or simply unable to discern what excites you, try taking inventory of everything in your life you’ve committed yourself to that doesn’t bring enjoyment + fulfillment. Slowly shed away items and/or obligations to create space for new opportunities to land. The Universe will bring you exactly what you continually say “yes” to, so make sure you are only accepting people/places/things that feel genuinely expansive for your aura.


You are here to be the fire starters of the world. To start movements. To create a world within a world. You are the only energy type designed to “just do it.” While exhausting for the other types, initiating actually energizes you. Responding, on the other hand, drains your energy.

Your soul chose to enter this life with less-consistent life force energy. Being less enamored by your own energy allows you to channel urges and inspiration directly from Source (aka God, Higher Self), and manifest these inklings by literally speaking them into existence. Remember the difference between God creations and Ego creations. God creations take time, for Source is infinte. Ego creations are always demanding instant gratification. Paying attenting to these feelings will illuminate for you where you are at internally.

You don’t have the energy to “create” everything you envision, at least not by yourself. By unapologetically informing those around you about what you’re up to, it gives others the opportunity to step-up and aid your mission OR step aside so as not to disrupt your process.

By releasing control, you remember everyone is perfectly guided. The people who are destined to fulfill your vision will be there for you always, and those we are not will find their own perfect path. Informing and releasing people-pleasing tendencies decreases resistance, allowing you to experience peace, freedom, and harmony with those in your environment.