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Human Design Oracle System

The Gates to Know Yourself


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Tap into your inner wisdom and gain guidance on your personal journey with our 78 Full-Color Oracle Cards.  The artwork on each card captures the essence of each gate. With the accompanying booklet & deep dive eBook, you’ll have all the information you’ll need to fully understand the intricacies that make you energetically YOU. Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or just starting out, these cards are a powerful tool for self-discovery and growth. Experience the benefits of connecting with your intuition in knowing yourself completely in order to live the life you dream of living.

Printed 64 Card Deck

Each card features vibrant artwork capturing the essence of each Gate, the Gate number & subsequent title so you can start to understand the energy of each Gate through dynamic imagery.

Comprehensive Inner Guide Booklet & eBook

Understand Your Human Design!  An extensive deep dive into each Gate! Learn the chakra, circuitry, high expression, low expression, what it means when you pull the card, and what if mean if you have this gate activated in your Human Design Chart.

Bonus - Digital Tools!

This digitally fillable workbook walks you through your own Human Design Chart so you can put together your own puzzle pieces and refer to your insights at your convenience.  Decodes all the planets and beyond.

Your Empowerment Tools

HD.OS : The Gates of Human Design Oracle System Deck

An in-depth understanding to deepen your knowledge of the Gates of Human Design, while simultaneously being a fun tool to play with! Free Domestic Shipping!

Comprehensive BodyGraph Poster

If you’re looking for a quick snapshot to easily understand your Human Design Chart, this is the solution for you! Clearly see how the Chakras are distributed , different types of circuitry, and energetic differences of the Centers.


Themes of Consciousness Poster

Easily understand how to navigate through the themes in order to raise your vibe! Visually see what steps you can take to reach higher states of consciousness.


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Human Design Topics

Poverty Vow Annulment

Poverty Vow Annulment

The following is a suggested practice. Feel free to tailor any language or physical elements of this experience to suit your beliefs. Create a circle of food offerings in wild nature where animals would have the opportunity to eat your offerings, illuminate the space...

5 Traits of Human Design Manifesters

5 Traits of Human Design Manifesters

Are you a Manifestor looking to live in alignment with your human design? How do you make the most of your unique energy as a manifestor? Human Design Manifesters have the largest aura of all the types, making them the energetic fire-starter who starts things so that...

Understand Your Sacral Chakra as a Generator in Human Design

Understand Your Sacral Chakra as a Generator in Human Design

Are you a generator or manifesting generator in human design? Then your sacral chakra is an essential part of your identity. The sacral chakra is the second chakra and is all about life force energy. It's about your desires, creativity, and movement. The sacral chakra...