You might have heard by now

there is an ascenion of consciousness into

the 5th Dimension.

I’m here to tell you,

it’s not a place.

It’s a co-creation that happens with a change of heart & internal perspective.

5D is a State of MIND

Human Design Coach

Aloha, I’m Wyndstorm,

but you can call me wynd!


Have you ever had that moment where you were like, “wow, it’s all finally making sense?”

I want to tell you a little bit about my past days as a graphic designer, a yoga teacher, and a gardener, why I picked 3 diverse fields, and how it relates to my Human Design Chart.

My conscious Sun & conscious Venus(=Values) are in Gate 17 (right eye), have always been very prominent for me. It’s why I picked my Graphic Design major in college at 18 years old… I literally saw in my mind’s eye on the RIGHT SIDE of my head a future-self image of me working on one of those old colorful iMacs (yes it was in 1999), and I got super excited, and was like, ” YES! I can see myself doing this for my life!”

But after 4 years of college, and working behind the computer, it burnt me out. I need to move my body (unconscious Sun Gate 38)!

I didn’t know it at the time, but I felt like something was off. I was NOT a Generator, but lacked the language or understanding to describe what I was feeling! I had a deep passion for yoga & spiritual psychology, I wanted to guide and teach people, but didn’t really know what or how to turn it into a career. I also knew I needed to get into my body  (Gate 38), and I needed to find a career that was slower paced in alignment with nature (unconscious Venus Gate 5).

So I bounced around between Yoga, Graphic Design & Landscaping in my 20s. At 28, I started a Conscious Living Magazine in Durango, CO. At 32, I got burnt out again from just being a designer, and left to start a new career growing medical cannabis on the west coast. But once again, I wasn’t a Generator!

When Human Design found me in Oct 2018, it was like some part of me started waking up to who I really am. I learned I was a Projector, here to guide and teach others. Could Human Design be the missing piece?

After 7 years of off & on gardening (and pet/house caretaking, spiritual nomad vagabonding, & managing an Airbnb), and being sucessful working the art of the invitation, I realized what an amazing tool Human Design is for describing people.  I can map out why they do the things they do at a deep spiritual soul level. I began to see how it all fits. I became obsessed, which is totally on par Projector style and totally in alignment with my Design.

At the time of all these life changes, I remember thinking that I KNEW this would all somehow congeal together to create something new, even though at the time it didn’t make logical sense. So here I am, after a wild crazy 20 year adventure, finding my way home to myself, in the dark, an expert in living out your Human Design, as it has helped me make sense of who I am and remembering the mission I incarnated for.

I was already living my Design! The only difference now is that I have the laguage and the map to make sense of it all.

It really all does come full circle.

You feel that inner calling, yet you can’t quite put it into words…

Your internal world has recently shifted. Or perhaps it shifted a while ago, and you haven’t been able to go back to living in ways that used to work for you.

Maybe you experienced a life altering health crisis, got laid off, or quit your job due to burn out. Some kind of upheaval has happened to pivot you in a new direction, but not by your own choosing. Or maybe your internal change has happened quite delicately, though unexpectedly, and you’re wondering if you’re on the right path.

I totally get it. I’ve been there.


Something is happening to the Human Collective and we are waking up to ourselves en masse. We are being called to be honest and real with ourselves. We’re being asked to listen to our inner guidance, our intuition, and honor it’s voice to lead us on our journey.

You’re tired of suffering,

and now have the tools to make the internal changes.

Understanding your Human Design and it’s relationship to your own internal thoughts & feelings will shed light on areas that we’re once mysterious. When you can map out your inner reality, you can navigate the inner changes necessary substantially easier.

When you’re traveling, you use a map, right?

This is that map you didn’t know you’d need.

“Raising your vibration” now has a user-friendly manual. Though, like all maps, you must meet it halfway in order for it to work. You must have your destination in mind prompted from your own inner guidance. You hear your own inner calling your awakening. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Welcome to your journey home.

My Adventures in Living My Design

San Diego – circa Thanksgiving 2011

a friend’s car we got to ride around in

My Journey

I started my deconditioning process way before I discovered Human Design. In fact, I naturally intuited how to utilize my splenic authority when I was a teenager, and has since fine tuned my inner knowing into an art,

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calling out the severity (or lack thereof) of a hurricane directly counteracting all news reports and weather models. This type of inner conviction and clair-cognizance translates across the board through all facets of my life. 

After my Guides set off my internal spiritual alarm clock permanetly in May of 2010, falling back asleep into unconsciousness was not an option. I had a prophetic lucid dream that showed where I was headed if I didn’t course correct. I didn’t like it. In the dream I changed the outcome & chose a new path and my Guides ended the dream with me embarking on an adventure just like in the TV show, “The Amazing Race.” I woke up out of that dream at 4am placing my hand over my mouth in shock at what I had just experienced.

In reflection almost 10 years later, I can legitimately say it’s been an amazing wild adventure that has landed me permanently on the Big Island of Hawai’i, 10 miles from the history lava eruption of 2018. Living through that eruption was the experience of a lifetime. It was life changing, and forever will be etched into my heart and soul.

Sebastopol -spring 2012

our sleeping nook for the night

How I Experience my Human Design

At the core essence of my Design, when the “Shift” is hitting the proverbial fan, I thrive. I’m the kind of girl that, metaphorically speaking, if we were all out at sea on a ship during a storm, I would be the one tied to the mast, totally jacked,

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giving everyone words of encouragement that we’re gonna make it through, and it’s gonna be the most epic ride of your life, ensuring total transformation on the other side. What did you say? Live through the largest volcanic lava eruption in 200 years, living 10 miles away from the source? Bah! That’s nothing. Like water off of a duck’s back. 

Being highly clair-cognizant, I just know things in the moment. I can’t prove to you how I know things, and this usually does not make logical sense to other people who may not be as strongly tapped into their intuition. I’m strongly rooted in survival and instinct, and being in tune with the natural environment has developed my 6th sense of intuition deeply. 

The role I play for you is that I am able to synthesize a multitude of concepts and intuitively communicate them, acting as both a crisis mitigator and a catalyst for transformation. Research, details, and diving deep is my jam. 

My purpose in life is fulfilled by literally “stirring the pot” of the Collective Consciousness. I am here to bring in new insights and awareness, stimulate your mind, lead by example, and be a catalyst for transformation and change. To make the world a better place, it all starts within, in your heart and your mind.

My strengths are in discovering that which serves a deeper purpose and discerning truth. In finding purpose, when I persevere through challenges and setbacks, this practice has cultivated an extreme sense of resilience in me, for I have come to know and understand that if it wasn’t meant to be, something better comes. When it comes to discerning truth, my inner conviction has become as sharp as samurai sword. I can smell BS a 1,000 miles away. It is both a blessing and a curse, as many may confuse my God-fidence as egoic arrogance. I am always open to being wrong and mistaken, and will easily humbly admit my own error. However, I have come to a point in my own inner knowing, that I know what I know, and always ask at this point, “please, for the love of God, show me the evidence that proves me wrong.”