Aloha, I’m Wyndstorm,

but you can call me Wynd!


I started living my Human Design Strategy of “waiting for the invitation” and experienced great success for 6 years before I had even heard of or even looked at my Human Design chart.

With a professional career in graphic design for 22 years, having impeccable pattern recognition came naturally to me. Spirituality and tapping into my own inner guidance and intuition has lead me on a unique path, and understanding myself through the lens of my Human Design chart has given me a level of understanding I wish everyone knew.

The Human Design information and resources out there are highly academic, which is great, but there needs to be a resource where this life altering information can be easily accessible. This is where Holistic Human Design™ comes into play.

I am very into DIY learning. I also love creating things people can use. I love using my graphic design background to make items practical, beautiful, and useful. I love making art with a purpose that lifts human consciousness.

Thank you for taking interest in my creations. I hope they bring value and enlightenment to your day to day lives. It’s truly an honor to share these gifts with you.

With love, Wyndstorm