Are You A Manifestor in Human Design?

May 16, 2022 | human design, human design types, start here

If there was one thing to tell any human design manifestor, it’s COMMUNICATION! You’ve got at least 1 of the four motors connected to your throat with a direct channel (and if you’re new, you’re probably like “ what in the world is she talking about?”) Don’t worry, I’ve got you! We cover those details in our courses.

Naturally, I am going to presume that you’re probably a talker. And if you’re not, well, we would love to get to know you and learn more, because we are genuinely curious. We love diving deep into the intricacies of how your energy expresses out in the world. Did you know that the more you can inform others around you about your visions, dreams, plans, and actions, the more they will be well received by those around you? Check in with yourself right now, and think about a time when you moved forward with taking action, but kept your mouth shut and didn’t inform anyone what you were doing?  So, How did that go for you? Did you ruffle the other person’s feathers? Talk about a radical self honesty moment! 

Know that when others perceive you, your Aura is the hardest to read! 

You are so self contained in your own universe, and when people don’t understand this is what makes you different, they might perceive you as naturally being off putting. Definitely don’t take it personally.  So, how do you ease the minds and hearts of others? You COMMUNICATE! Let’s get one thing crystal clear here, the more you communicate, the less misunderstandings there will be, and the more people will appreciate what you have to offer. Trust me, it’s a win-win. 

The second thing I would tell you is understanding the importance of recognizing your own internal urges. You are actually the only Type that can take external action in your interpersonal relationships from your own inspiration. Every other Type waits to respond to some kind of external stimuli. Now, you may be a Manifestor in human design, but not really feeling the internal urges of inspiration and wondering why that is? Let’s take a look at the definition of “inspiration”. Merriam-Webster says inspiration is a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation. So, my question to you is, if you’re not feeling the internal inspiration, how is your connection to the Divine in your life? How is your connection to God, Source, Creator, Universe, Higher Self, Presence, whatever terminology you choose to represent that energy in your life right now? 

If you’re feeling connected, great! If not, but you want to know the secret to getting connected back to it? Its actually quite simple. You ready? All it takes is WANTING to connect back to your Higher Source God within you. It’s the intent. That’s it. Now, you might think that’s ridiculous, that nothing is going to happen, and sure, you may not feel like it’s happening right away. But I remember at 20 years old doing a candle gazing guided meditation WANTING to connect with my intuition because I just felt disconnected. And sure, I didn’t notice anything right away, and sure, I did kind of poo-poo it at the time. But as time moved forward to this present NOW, I now feel SOOOO connected to my intuition that I’m even more accurate in predicting the severity of hurricanes better than the actual weather service.

So, life becomes easier as a Manifestor when you can recognize your own God Source Creator presence within you. You then recognize that you’re not alone and can knowingly and willingly enter into a space of Co-Creation with the Universe. And that’s where the magic happens.

Your spark can either ignite the flame in others or repel them aside so new people can come in to assist you in doing what you’re wanting to create. It is tempting to think you can do things all on your own, but remember, we are all interdependent with each other, and when we all co-create together, bigger things can be accomplished. 

So the takeaway here, COMMUNICATE! Discover and CONNECT with your God Source Higher Presence within yourself, and INITIATE others with your inspirations, and get comfortable with recognizing your ideas manifest through your co-creation with others. 

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