Three Things Every Manifesting Generator Needs to Know

Every Manifesting Generator needs to know these three things about their

Human Design


Manifesting Generator Tip Number One:

As a manifesting generator, you are a combo type, you are part human design manifestor and part generator, two very different strategies. You can initiate people and projects only after you’ve been given something to respond to and that you have a clue from the universe and or the other person that your energy is welcomed, welcomed and invited into the scenario involving other people. You can initiate the heck out of your own projects. You can initiate when you are given clues, signs and synchronicity from the external world. That is your clue to move forward and initiate the heck and generate the heck out of everything and everyone around you.

Number Two Tip for Manifesting Generators:

When you’re feeling frustrated and angry, what do you think? My question to you is, what are you resisting or what are you trying to force to happen in regards to the situation at hand? What are you resisting? What are you trying to make happen especially when the circumstances aren’t actually quite ready yet. That’s probably where you’re feeling the most frustration and or anger.

Number Three Must-Know Hack for the Manifesting Generator:

The urge to initiate other projects and people is super strong.
When you’re trying to come up with an idea from your mind and trying to initiate other people and projects without it having something to respond to, our question to you is what happens when you try to force something to happen and what happens when you just get to relax and allow the universe and the world around you to come to you? Your sacral center is a magnet that literally draws the world to you. So utilize it so that things come to you instead of trying to always feel like you need to push and push things forward.

In human design, we always like to say follow the path of least resistance.  Chances are you’re trying to make something happen that isn’t quite ready yet. So our recommendation for manifesting generators?

Relax, chill out, sit back and focus on yourself. Focus on your process and allow the world to come to you. Also, we recommend checking out our other video on the generator to learn more about your type as well.

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