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What if you had fall back strategies that you could easily rely on when making decisions? Strategies that stopped you from burning the candle at both ends, improved your relationships, and even helped you understand yourself better so you can finally stop thinking you’re doing it wrong, and hopeful that you can change your situation.

Grab your Free Quick Reference Guides to start your internal transformation process. Learning how to raise your vibration just got a heck of a lot easier!

What’s Included


Human Design 5 Types Quick Reference Guides

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  • Understand yourself better by having practical clear cut strategies to live your life in a state of flow
  • Know the signature clues for when you’re out of alignment (aka. having a bad day), and the attitude you need to move up and out of the low vibes
  • Discover your role in career & business, and four tips & tricks to help you start implementing and practicing this in your life


Raise Your Vibe Guide

Finally figure out your thoughts and feelings! Make sense of your internal world!
  • Know the common thoughts that’ll run through your head when you’re in a particular theme
  • Have Solutions, Things to Remember, and Actions to move through each phase so you don’t get stuck and are able to move freely through your internal process
  • Experience the internal transformation by witnessing your thoughts and having a fool-proof internal navigation system

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