Poverty Vow Annulment

Jul 24, 2023 | manifestation, spiritual awakening

The following is a suggested practice. Feel free to tailor any language or physical elements of this experience to suit your beliefs.

Create a circle of food offerings in wild nature where animals would have the opportunity to eat your offerings, illuminate the space with a candle or two, smudge with sage, call in ancestors, elementals, any and all benevolent higher vibrational invisible beings willing to witness , your higher Self/Soul and especially Source God Itself!

Here at last, I break the pact

This vow I took of poverty and lack

This is the time, NOW is the hour

My life is mine to Be and Create / Give and Receive

It is NOW ended, I break it’s power

Money & tokens, a lack no more

Abundance of all good things holds open the door

I choose to experience More than plenty in ALL my creations

Prosperity flows effortlessly as I move through each NOW station 

Any and all contracts that still remain hidden,

I cancel them all NOW,

My intention is to end ALL lack and sickness

For My words and actions will be thoughtful and true

I walk in financial abundance, love and great health

I walk in light. I create from abundant light.

I trust fully in the universe to send me what I desire to fulfill my highest path

I am healthy and well, loved and free

As I will, so mote it be 🙂


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