Is Human Design Real? Is Human Design Practical?

Aug 4, 2021 | human design, Human Design in Real Life, start here

You won’t believe how Human Design shows up in “Real Life”… Listen to the Human Design in Real Life Podcast Episode Here:

Human design shows up practically with real-life examples.
In this article, we will talk about different ways that human design appears in everyday life.

A common complaint about Human Design is that it’s way too heady and unpractical. Do traits found in human design actually show up in real life and how practical are these teachings?

Well, I’ve been living my design since an early age, long before I even knew the existence of human design.

If you are a spiritual seeker, or you are simply beginning to look at the world a little differently, knowledge of your human design acts as the toolkit to navigate your life with the most clarity and least struggle. Human Design is a literal blueprint to human behavior and consciousness, and everyone has their own unique human design blueprint that shows up naturally. In practical terms, if you can understand your human design – it’s like having the Holy Grail of empowered personal growth. Human Design is a map to your own treasure. This is spiritual growth on steroids.

My human design started coming online naturally by age 16. I was always awake to my inner thoughts and naturally curious about spiritual topics. In high school I became enamored with foreign ideology and cultures such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and books like “A Brave New World” where the theme challenges the status quo. By the time I was in college and making most of my own choices, my Gate 17 third eye consciousness ignited, catapulting me on a powerful journey that continues to grow today. — If you don’t know how to decode the Human Design Gates yet, check out our Human Design Crash Course which simplifies human design jargon into the most practical understanding.

Here’s some of the ways my own human design traits have automatically played out. In college, I intuitively saw in my minds eye what I would be doing in the future. Because of this internal, visual knowing, I picked an art degree without hesitation. As a visually oriented person, I didn’t want to write papers and I also wanted to have fun in college without too much stress.

While I was in school in New Orleans I intuitively used my splenic authority. I felt the urge to seek out yoga. Every Monday night, I attended Power Hot Vinyasa Yoga and Kirtan Chanting. I automatically tapped into my knowingness of what I was attracted to.

To continue learning if human design is real or not, listen to the complete Human Design in Real Life Podcast episode here:

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