Extraterrestrial Origins of Human Design (Is Human Design Alien Extra-Dimensional?)

Oct 14, 2021 | human design, Human Design in Real Life, start here

Does Human Design come from extraterrestrials? Are alien, ET extraterrestrials the architects of the Human Design System? Questioning the actual origins of human design is common. This Holistic Human Design in Real Life podcast episode explores the origins behind Human Design.

Listen to the Human Design in Real Life Podcast Episode Here:

What are Arrows in Your Human Design Chart?

This is the beginning of a 16 part discussion and open exploration of human design variables and how they manifest in your life. The Variable Arrows give insights into your cognition, how your brain & mind operate when dropped into your life. I’m the type of person who needs to understand the...

Beginners Guide to the Five Human Design Types

This is THE PLACE where it all starts in Human Design. It's essentially your aura. It's your "go-to" strategy mechanism that works the best for you to help you manifest your dreams. Sometimes, though not always, after your Saturn Return (ages 28-32), you will begin to intuit your inherent...