Beginners Guide to the Five Human Design Types

May 17, 2021 | human design, human design types, start here

This is THE PLACE where it all starts in Human Design. It’s essentially your aura. It’s your “go-to” strategy mechanism that works the best for you to help you manifest your dreams. Sometimes, though not always, after your Saturn Return (ages 28-32), you will begin to intuit your inherent strategy, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. You will have gotten tired of trial and error, paddling energetically upstream, and finally surrender into yourself and your journey. If this is new to you now, welcome! Find your Type, find your family’s and friends! This is such an excellent starting place for you to start living your life in flow with fool-proof strategies to consistently fall back on.

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Manifestor Human Design Type

I am the spark that gets things rolling! When in doubt, I talk it out, that way I have no need to shout.

Communication is key for you especially when it comes to informing others of what you decide to do, especially if they will be impacted by your decisions. That way, no one‘s feathers get ruffled and misunderstandings are a thing of the past. Your aura is a bright shining spark that others take notice of, and look to you for guidance and direction. Your ideal mode is sprint then rest, finding a way to leverage your gifts. You’re fast paced, have ample energy, and desire to make an impact on others, either consciously or not, and initiate them into action. You are here to get the ball rolling. Sometimes you may think that it’s easier if you just do it all by yourself, only to discover that you do need other people to help bring your ideas into fruition. In its purest sense, think and it will manifest and the law of attraction is made for you.

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Generator Human Design Type

I am naturally magnetic and life comes to me! I go with my gut, and then I’m set free!

You make the world go round! By waiting to respond to what the universe delivers to you, you will always end up in the right place at the right time. For you, timing is everything. When you have the patience to wait and remain open, that’s when the magic happens and what you need magnetizes to you. Doing what you love regarding your work is paramount to your fulfillment. Follow your gut. Go in the direction that lights you up, that draws up your energy and amplifies it within you. If you notice your energy sinking, pulling back, know that that decision might not be right for you. Become really in tune with energetic pulls up and down! Practice discerning your own feeling responses. Emotional Authority Generators: waiting a bit more will lead to more satisfaction. Your instinctual gut response may be correct, but if you wait, more details will be delivered to you in time. Ultimately, finding joy in your work and waiting for the universe to send you some thing to respond to will always bring you the most satisfaction.

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Manifesting Generator Human Design Type

I’m a mover and a shaker, born to respond. When I finally break the norm, I create new ways that will bond!

You usually have several irons in the fire, and “busy” is your middle name. Your actions are nonlinear, and multitasking is actually your natural state of being. Being linear for you is like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. You’re meant to do things differently than everyone else! Metaphorically, it is natural for you to try on a bunch of different outfits, try new things. If they don’t feel right, scrap it and move onto the next experiment, even if you don’t finish. In you’re world, this is perfectly natural for you. Don’t beat yourself up over it! Your strategy is multi faceted; you wait to have a gut response to external stimuli, visualize or try it out, then inform those who will be impacted by your decisions. You may feel a bit paradoxical waiting to respond to what the universe delivers to you, when you would rather act on impulse and idea. Responding may look like cleaning your messy kitchen or cluttered garage, to responding to a new job opportunity or relationship. It’s about asking for what you want and allowing it to come to you. Follow your joy! Try things on an experiment! Each step is perfectly appropriate for your journey. It’s not about the destination, but the experience.

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Projector Human Design Type

When I get invited, I feel delighted! But until that time, I focus on me and mine…

You are all about everybody else! You probably looked at everyone else’s charts before you really dove into your own. You’re the local free therapist, the guide your friends rely on when their lives are in a bit of a pickle and wondering what to do or what’s next. And you happily oblige the service! It lights you up to be seen and recognized by family, friends, and colleagues. And you are an expert at something! Being invited to share it for you is hands down the most fulfilling thing that could happen in your life. Ah yes, and your strategy is all about invitation. And you know all too well exactly how it feels when you’re not invited and have unintentionally rub people the wrong way. “But it’s just my aura! I don’t mean to be so penetrating to the truth of the matter, it just happens!” You can’t help it. You see things about people and systems others don’t see. You cut through the bullshit and enlighten others to their highest potential. All the knowledge and wisdom you’ve absorbed comes in handy, and one day you’re inspired to share it with someone who needs to hear it. And that is your greatest success. Sharing what you know at the right place and right time to guide another along their path to their highest potential, they take what you say to heart and run with it, and it lights them up! All in all, timing is everything. But if no one is interested in what you have to share, don’t dilute your own magical wisdom with those who aren’t ready to receive it! Know that your time to share will come with the right people, and until then, just relax. Keep learning and absorbing, everything you’re inspired to know and learn will come in handy one day.

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Reflector Human Design Type

My environment is key to allowing me to feel free! If things aren’t flowing, I change it up to keep going.

It’s extremely easy for you to morph into the people that surround you, suddenly liking something your friends like, when the day before you didn’t, and you may wonder what has changed? You are super sensitive to your environment and the people in it. Know and trust that if you start feeling off that this is your clue to start to make a change. Fluidity, flux, freedom and change define the essence of who you are. Being alone in your own energy gives you the opportunity to get clear with your own truth. When making decisions, it is best if you are given time to wade through your choices, although it’s not always practical to wait the full 28 day moon cycle. You need to talk things out with others. You’re not looking for advice, you just need a sounding board to bounce off ideas to get your own sense of clarity when making a decision. Be sure your friends know and understand this about you. It’s through your relationships you are able to be seen and recognized, and make the most impact. You sample everyone’s differences and are delighted when we ask you what you see and what could be improved. You are like a mirror reflecting the world around you providing us with an insight into how things are going, and showing us things about ourselves we may not be able to see. But you must remember, you are also your own person! Knowing your gate activations are one key to knowing who you are designed to be in this life.

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