This is a pre-recorded reading. You will receive a link to your 30min video of me analyzing your Human Design Chart(s) to your prefered e-mail. PLEASE DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR INFORMATION AND ENSURE IT IS CORRECT!!

For this reading you will need to send me your date of birth, birth time and place of birth in order for me to give you a highly accurate reading. Missing or unclear details may result in me having to refund your order.

In the input field boxes, please carefully enter:

Birthday (spelled out) at time of birth 

– Place of birth

– Specific Question you’d like your reading to focus on. The More information you can provide regarding your inquiry, the better.

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Note: I do not give timeframes for the completion of your reading as I live in the present moment. Trust that you will receive your reading at the exact time that it is meant for you. With that said, you will typically receive your Reading within ~7 days.

This is an excellent way to get a quick download of your Human Design, answers to specific question you may have about your Design, and any other questions you may have in regarding to how this information can assist you in navigating your life or how your DNA is energetically encoded and what you’re here to do on Earth.

In this Reading you will get a snapshot of:
– Strategy, Authority, & Profile

– Life purpose and Soul Mission

– Compatibility / Strengths / Challenges in relationships (if Relationship Reading)

– Answers to your specific question

This reading will be sent to you via EMAIL with a download link from our CloudServer of your video. Make sure to also check your junk mail if you did not receive the e-mail.

Legal Disclaimer: By booking a reading you acknowledge it is for entertainment purposes only. The information received should never take the place of legal, medical, psychological or financial services. Katie “Wyndstorm” Wacker accepts no liability for any action a listener/client may undertake. You must always follow your own inner guidance and intuitive directive. All purchases are final so ensure you have reached a firm decision before booking. Making a payment confirms that you have read, fully understand and agree to the terms and conditions above.

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Human Design Relationship & Compatibility Semi-Live 30 Min Reading


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** PLEASE PUT BOTH PARTNERS BIRTH INFO IN TEXT FIELD SEPARATED BY “&” ** Wondering how you and your partner can better understand each other? Looking for greater compassion and communication between you? Chances are you are both Designed very differently, and through this Reading, you’ll be able to focus on an area that would benefit you both. By asking a specific question of what you are looking for to clarify within your relationship, I am better able to assist you in looking for specifics in both of your Human Design Charts.

What does Semi-Live Mean? I’ll send you a 20 Min pre-Recorded video, then you will be able to have live access to me via WhatsApp to answer any questions you may have, clear up specifications,

With each recorded Reading, you’ll receive a coupon for TWO(2) free complimentary Type & Strategy Courses (for each person) to dive deeper into your Design! Having access to the most basic fundamental teachings in digital course format allows for more specifics to emerge in your recorded reading so as not to focus solely on introductory material. Your Reading is much more tailored to your specific needs!


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