Galactic Bodygraph Wall Tapestry – Human Design Chart Fabric Art


Want a unique way to learn human design?

Try hanging this human design bodygraph tapestry on any wall to instantly improve your space with cosmic energy!

Filled with accurate human design references that help you learn your own human design chart better!

You’ll love the tasteful fusion of human design gates, the Chakra system, and sacred geometry centers including the flower of life and I-Ching hexagrams.

Perfectly sized human design wall art – 34″ wide by 40″ high makes a bold statement.

Effortlessly visualize the human design chart with this interior design motif and liven up any room with astrological vibes.

Crafted from plush 100% microfiber – you will love the feeling this human design art adds to your space.

Fully hemmed on all sides meaning this human design art will stick around for the long haul.

Wisdom from this rainbow galaxy human design tapestry is sure to inspire enlightening conversation and meditation.


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