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Introducing the ultimate tool for unlocking the mysteries of human design – the Comprehensive Human Design Bodygraph Poster!

Finally, here is your cheat-sheet to understand any human design chart! Specially designed to teach you the fundamentals of the human design bodygraph while inspiring beauty to any room!

Micro-batch printed on thick (210 gsm) archival satin art paper – available in 3 incredible sizes certain to enhance any space.

With its easy-to-follow integrated legend, the Human Design Infographic Poster provides an engaging and accessible overview of every key concepts within the human design chart.

Unlock the seven spiritual chakra energy centers and their relationship with human design awareness centers and human design motors!

Awaken the relationship between individual, tribal, and collective human design circuitry.

Unveil the human design gate numbers and how they relate to the Head, Ajna, Throat, G-Center, Heart, Ego, Spleen, Sacral, Emotional centers, and the Root on the human design bodygraph.

This beautiful poster is the perfect addition to your home or office, and is sure to spark deep conversations and reflection.

This visual key combines the wisdom of Eastern elemental Chakra wisdom with that of Western human design philosophy – this human design chart reference poster is human design art that you won’t find anywhere else!

Aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated spiritual art to complement any conscious living space! Illuminate the inner working of the human design bodygraph with this essential map of human design. Clearly see how the Chakras are distributed , different types of circuitry, and energetic differences of the Centers.

Whether you’re a seasoned human design reader or simply curious about the inner workings of human design, the comprehensive Human Design Chart Poster is the perfect tool that helps interpret your unique design and unlock your full potential.

Grab your bodygraph print and beautify your journey to self-discovery!

2 reviews for Human Design BodyGraph Poster | Human Design Chart Print

  1. Suzanne Jenne (verified owner)

  2. Ariel Norbern

    Love this poster! It’s an visual and stunning showcase of the human design bodygraph centers. Helpful if you’re into astrology, human design charts, or inner work!
    It has helped me learn human design better.
    I hang it using a magnetic bamboo wall hanger I got from amazon.

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