Planetary Gates EBook & Digital Workbook

Do you understand the basic Human Design mechanics, and you wish you had a digital workbook to write out your Planetary Gates all in one place? Do you wish you had a journal to write out in your own words and take notes about the mechanics of your own Human Design? Here is your opportunity to purchase these two digital eBooks without having to purchase the entire Holistic Human Design Crash Course.

The human design workbook is completely fillable digitally, so no printing necessary. Spaces to journal your notes for each of your planetary gates include Gate & Line number (and characteristics for Line), center placement, channel circuit theme, Gate description, Center description (healthy/unhealthy of defined, undefined), Personality & Design matching sections, and a place to write in your own words what your Gate placements mean to you. Each planet has a brief synopsis of what the meanings of placement mean and what archetypes of each planet represents.



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