The Human Design Oracle System Card Deck: HD.OS – Intuitive Human Design Guide – Oracle Cards and Human Design Intuition Guidebook


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Unlock your boundless potential by using HD.OS: the Human Design Oracle Card Deck. This luminary deck of 78 cards and accompanying guidebook uncloaks the cryptic details of your Human Design chart, kindling your journey of self-discovery with lucidity and profound insight.

Are you frustrated with human design boxing you into stereotypes or leaving you bewildered? You are not alone. The human Design Oracle Cards are woven with magic and intuitive illumination.

The Human Design Oracle Deck, arms you with the tools to decipher your unique Human Design. You, the sole explorer of your inner cosmos, can authentically use this oracle deck as the compass for your personal quest.

• BOLSTER YOUR INTUITION • : Amplify your inner oracle, enabling crystal-clear decision-making.
• NURTURE INNER WISDOM • : Deepen your bond with your authentic self, fostering self-awareness and understanding of your relationships.
• ENRICH YOUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY • : Cultivate your spiritual evolution, unhindered by rigid biases.
• BREAK THROUGH STAGNATION • : Liberate yourself from the shackles of self-doubt, forging a path for effortless personal growth.
• TRAVEL TOWARD ENLIGHTENMENT • : Unearth radiant insights into your soul, guiding you towards self-realization.
• GUIDANCE & DIRECTION • : Allow the cards to be your guide, encouraging strategic action.
• MIRROR OF HIGHER REFLECTION • : Employ the deck as a mystical mirror to better decipher your reactions and emotions.

Plunge into an enchanting odyssey of self-discovery with the HD.OS Human Design Oracle Deck. Gain the power of Human Design and revel in your uniqueness with each card you draw. Embark on your transformative journey – only you wield the power to your destiny!

Unlock your true potential with the Human Design Oracle System. Crafted for the intuitives, the pioneers, and the sensitives, this oracle deck and guidebook deliver a harmonious and profound wisdom, always steering you towards self-realization and personal development.

The HD.OS Oracle System includes:

78-card (printed) deck teeming with symbolic mysticism. Printed on thick, lux cardstock. Each card portrays the essence of the Human Design gates, captivating your senses and igniting your intuition.

Illuminating Guidebook (eBook/PDF): Accompanying the deck, the guidebook delivers a comprehensive study into each gate’s circuitry, chakras, high expression, low expression, and beyond! You’ll gain invaluable insights into the mechanics and their resonance with your Human Design chart.

The guidebook offers prompts, and wisdom embodiment practices, serving as your personal sage on your voyage towards self-realization.

Daily Divination Tool: Utilize this oracle deck for daily contemplation, and uncover the nuanced ways in which the gate archetypes materialize in your life. Let these teachings be your guide and spiritual compass.

Align with your purpose, gain emotional and mental clarity, and bring ease to your decision-making.

Bonus Digital Workbook: This digitally fillable workbook details all the human design planets, and walks you through your own Human Design Chart so you can put together your own puzzle pieces and refer to your insights at your convenience.

The HD.OS Human Design Oracle System isn’t merely another oracle deck; it’s a loyal Sage on your self-discovery journey. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a curious novice, our system bestows upon you the celestial keys to decode your unique energetic blueprint. The time has come to live the life you dream of – guided by the wisdom of your inner self and the cosmic insights of your Human Design.

3 reviews for The Human Design Oracle System Card Deck: HD.OS – Intuitive Human Design Guide – Oracle Cards and Human Design Intuition Guidebook

  1. Tetrahedron M

    These cards are awesome! I love the texture, they are smooth like actual high-end playing cards. Other oracle decks have a cardboard feel, but these feel ultra-lux. I’m excited to learn more about human design and the gates using the oracle deck and book. Stoked to be one of the original backers for human t

  2. Sonja K. (verified owner)

  3. Suzanne Jenne (verified owner)

    I am absolutely thrilled with the cards! They are easy to use and I find I am learning faster because of their quick referenceability.

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