About  Wynd & Holistic Human Design

You feel that inner calling, yet you can’t quite put it into words…

Your internal world has recently shifted. Or perhaps it shifted a while ago, and you haven’t been able to go back to living in ways that used to work for you.

Maybe you experienced a life altering health crisis, got laid off, or quit your job due to burn out. Some kind of upheaval has happened to pivot you in a new direction, but not by your own choosing. Or maybe your internal change has happened quite delicately, though unexpectedly, and you’re wondering if you’re on the right path.

I totally get it. I’ve been there.


Something is happening to the Human Collective and we are waking up to ourselves en masse. We are being called to be honest and real with ourselves. We’re being asked to listen to our inner guidance, our intuition, and honor it’s voice to lead us on our journey.

You’re tired of suffering,

and now have the tools to make the internal changes.

Understanding your Human Design and it’s relationship to your own internal thoughts & feelings will shed light on areas that we’re once mysterious. When you can map out your inner reality, you can navigate the inner changes necessary substantially easier.

When you’re traveling, you use a map, right?

This is that map you didn’t know you’d need.

“Raising your vibration” now has a user-friendly manual. Though, like all maps, you must meet it halfway in order for it to work. You must have your destination in mind prompted from your own inner guidance. You hear your own inner calling your awakening. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Welcome to your journey home.