Frequently Asked Human Design Questions


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General Human Design Questions

Ugh! I don't like my Design! Can I change it?

Well, It’s more about reframing your perspective of your design rather than changing it extenally. There are positives and negatives within each design element. There is always a spectrum. There’s highs and lows, and everything can be interpreted based on how you view your reality from the inside out. The lens doesn’t matter, it’s just a matter of where your internal lens of perception predominatnly lies. This is where the Heart ‘N Mind (HNM) Mapping themes of consciousness comes into play, because from within the HNM spectrum, you will see from that particular lens. So whichever theme is most predominant, that is the lens from which you will view your life from. So it’s less about wanting to change your design externally. It’s the change internally that makes the most difference. It’s all about changing your thoughts, changing your feelings, and changing your heart and mind to reframe how you perceive your reality.

How can Human Design help me?
Are these teachings religious?
Is this information scientific?
Where does this information come from?
Are these teachings peer reviewed?
How does Human Design work?

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1:1 Services

Life Navigation Guidance

If you’re new to Human Design, and are in need of some additional guidance and direction to help you navigate the twists and turns of your life with greater ease, this session is for you.

The Shift is Hitting the Fan

Are you finding yourself at a crossroads in life and need to make a decision, but not sure exactly what to do? Are you searching for some spiritual guidance grounded in logic and reason?

This is a very specific coaching call. Your Soul will intuitively know to reach out for this service. In order to book, please contact Wynd directly to first disclose to her what your situation is via voice memo. Making sure this is a good fit and payment will be assessed during these initial exchanges.

Understanding Your Partner

Are you and your Partner looking to better understand each other? Do you know intuitively that you are both designed differently, but not entirely sure how to communicate your differences? Wondering how Human Design can provide you each with new perspectives in how to best relate, increase compassion and understanding about how each operate? This reading is your solution.

Group Coaching

Did you know that each of us as different needs?

You might find yourself in a relationship with someone who has an emotional authority, but you do not, and you always wonder why they take forever in making descisions!

Or maybe you wonder why your partner has to always be around other people, but you don’t.