Want to easily understand Your Human Design but Confused Where to Start?

Decodes the essential elements of your Organic Blueprint and transforms your life!

Do you struggle with understanding your Human Design?


Do you wish you could easily understand how to tap into the benefits of this super complex and fascinating system without the frustration and overwhelm?


Do you wish you had practical tangible action steps to share with your family and friends so you could all could understand each other better and live more harmoniously?



If you want to know:

-your purpose in life & the role you are here to play

-how to best handle your internal conflicts

-how Human Design can help you in raising your vibration

– what you can do if you initially don’t like your Design

– how to get what you want by leveraging your strengths and understanding your weaknesses

This is an excellent place to start!

Successfully Navigate Frustration & Anger, Resentment & Disappointment

Feel like something is missing, or something within you is out of alignment? Mastering the right elements of your Human Design helps you reframe your mind to solve issues effortlessly.

Know What You Need to Feel Supported

Ever wonder how to feel totally supported by other people & the Universe? You’ll find those answers in here!  You will discover easy Strategies for all the 5 Human Design Types!  No need to search for mismatched information, everything you need is right here, clear and simple!

Make the Best Decisions for You

Learn how to trust yourself with understanding your inner dialouge. Understand your internal process as to WHY you operate in a specific way, while also understanding those in your life too!  Find the answers by understanding your unique Authority.

“So wait, I’ll be able to immediately change my mindset & take actionable steps to manifest the life I desire?”

We’re all Designed so differently!



  • Imagine having a clear understanding of yourself & the people in your life.


  • Gain Confidence to say, “Oh! I understand now why I take a long time making decisions or you take a longer time than me making decisions.”


  • Or, “Oh! That’s how I can best support my (insert boyfriend, colleague, wife, best friend, cousin, son, etc.)”


  • And even, “I now know how to communicate what I need and receive success!”

Gain greater clarity and understanding with this foundational information with these first 3 Modules of our comprehensive Human Design Crash Course!

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Module 4 – Complete Mechanics Overview Module 5 – Connecting with Your Body & A Deep Dive into Understanding the Centers      Module 6 – Tying It All Together

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What’s Included


Module 1 - Why Human Design?

What exactly can the human design essentials provide for you? Learn all about the possibilities of how to transform your life by implementing this pivotal information.


Module 2 - Strategy & Authority

This is a crash course on all the human design Types & Authorities – all in one place!  Covers what each Type (Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Reflector & Manifestor) needs in relationships with themselves & others and also insights as to what you can do to support these different Types in your life!


Module 3 - Low Vibe / High Vibe

This video covers the basics of navigating Shadow Self tendencies (aka. Not-Self in Human Design Lingo), how we use the Themes of Consciousness to transcend the lower expressions we display, and also what each Type can look out for and take not-self themes to a higher octave. This module is all about transcendence.


Bonus Slides & Worksheet!

Download the slides for all 3 Modules & have a supplemental Strategy & Authority worksheet to help you remember and solidify the information in the videos!

Aloha! I’m Wynd

I’ve been on the path of awakening from a very early age (18 months). I live and breathe everything from healthy living to grounded, down-to-earth woo (with having a few detours here and there). Eh, I am human after all; a Spirit having a human experience.

I work with people who are looking for guidance on their journey to navigate their lives in flow with their soul. 

I create experiences that incorporate teachings with real life grounded application, so you learn to embody your design and have a direct experience with the knowledge.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with learning Human Design, and you know that it would be helpful for you,  I make learning super easy & digestible so you can take the information, apply it immediately to your life, and experience the internal transformation you’re looking for.

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