Human Design Crash Course – Essentials: Strategy, Authority, & Navigating Your Shadow Self

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If you are looking to understand the complexities of Human Design and wondering how you can best understand the system in an easily digestible, fun & integrative format, this is your one stop shop! Human Design offers you the opportunity to fully understand your own personal DNA Energetic Operating System, your Divine Organic Technology, to help you live in alignment with your soul & activate your mission.

Traditional Human Design teachings get overly complex, super heady, and can easily take you out of the body and into your mind. And yet, this is not the true purpose of these teachings! Humans love to make things more complex, when in fact, self-realization & spirituality is much more simple.

This is the solution to embodying your unique Human Design! Even if you have already gotten a Reading with Wynd or another Human Design Reader, this compliments well as it provides you with direction to deepen your understanding.

Module 1 – What Human Design Can Do For you – What exactly can this information provide for you? Learn all about the possibilities of how your life may transform with this introductory 22 minute video.This is essentially the beginning bookend of the series to illuminate all the possibilities of what you can understand about yourself and others with Human Design.

Module 2 – Strategy & Authority – This is a crash course on all the differing 5 Types & 7 Authorities all in one place! This 45 minute video covers what each Type (Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Reflector & Manifestor) needs in relationships with themselves & others and also offers insights as to what you can do to support these different Types in your life!

Module 3 – Low Vibe, High Vibe, & the Shadow Self  – This 29 minute video covers the basics of navigating Shadow Self (aka. Not-Self) tendencies, how we use the Themes of Consciousness to transcend the lower expressions we display, and also what each Type can look out for and take not-self themes to a higher octave. This module is all about transcendence.


Topics for this course

7 Lessons03h


Human Design Background information & deeper dialogue about Strategy & Authority tips & tricks, and how to raise your vibration through the Themes of Consciousness
Align with Your Design00:20:03
Tips & Tricks for Each of the 5 Human Design Types00:32:01
How to Raise Your Vibration00:36:21

Crash Course Essentials


Material Includes

  • 6 Lessons : 3 hours of videos
  • PDF Slides for each of the 3 Modules
  • Type & Strategy Digital Fillable Worksheet