Human Design Crash Course

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Human Design offers you the opportunity to fully understand your own personal DNA Energetic Operating System, your Divine Organic Technology, to help you live in alignment with your soul & activate your mission.Traditional Human Design teachings get overly complex, super heady, and can easily take you out of the body and into your mind. And yet, this is not the true purpose of these teachings! Humans love to make things more complex, when in fact, self-realization & spirituality is much more simple.

This is your one-stop-shop to understand the complexities of Human Design! Learn to understand the system in an easily digestible, fun & integrative format.

Your body has an innate intelligence, and with this course, you are given the opportunity for mental stimulation AND body centered awareness practices to help you integrate the information into practical, grounded, and embodied understandings of your own unique Human Design.

If you’re the type of person who has a DIY approach to understanding yourself, this is the solution to embodying your unique Human Design, ground into your understanding, and further assist you in your deconditioning process.

Module 1 – What Human Design Can Do For you – What exactly can this information provide for you? Learn all about the possibilities of how your life may transform with this introductory 22 minute video.This is essentially the beginning bookend of the series to illuminate all the possibilities of what you can understand about yourself and others with Human Design.

Module 2 – Strategy & Authority – This is a crash course on all the differing 5 Types & 7 Authorities all in one place! This 45 minute video covers what each Type (Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Reflector & Manifestor) needs in relationships with themselves & others and also offers insights as to what you can do to support these different Types in your life!

Module 3 – Low Vibe, High Vibe, & the Shadow Self  – This video covers the basics of navigating Shadow Self (aka. Not-Self) tendencies, how we use the Themes of Consciousness to transcend the lower expressions we display, and also what each Type can look out for and take not-self themes to a higher octave. This module is all about transcendence.

Module 4 – Mechanics Overview – We cover Gates, Centers, Profile, Lines, Channels, Arrows, Unconscious & Conscious aspects of the chart are addressed! So easily digestible, this 90 minute video goes over the nuts & bolts of the system. You’ll learn what each part represents and how to start to notice them in your life.

Module 5 – Connecting With Your Body – You’re now aware of all the nuts & bolts, how does it apply? This Module covers the healthy/unhealthy expressions of each of the Centers (aka. Chakras).

Module 6 – Tying It All Together – Now what? This bookend video covers all the possibilities of what you can do next in order to continue on your self discovery journey. This information is designed for you to start noticing the pattern in your life and in those around you. Ra Uru Hu would always say, “this is an experiment!” Now that you have a general understanding of all the elements, you can now witness the mechanics in action. See what you discover in your life!

Module 7 – Interactive Exercises – Ah! Where the integration begins and embodying your Human Design magic happens!  In here you’ll have access to a Body Scan Meditation, Yoga Nidra Meditation, a Reiki Infused Centers Focused Meditation to get your consciousness connected to your body, and one Life Purpose Guided Meditation audio that guides you through your incarnation cross (1st two pages of your workbook). Also included is a Gates EBook, Digital Fillable Workbook, blank BodyGraphs & a Time Wheel.



Topics for this course

25 Lessons04h 50m

1 – Crash Course Introduction?

Discover what you can gain from understanding yourself through the lens of Human Design. Learn what is possible by grounding into your "Why". By learning this language, you are able to further understand how your DNA is energetically encoded and open up to future possibilities.
Grounding Into Your Why00:15:59

2 – Strategy & Authority?

Learn how you can start with the basic principles of navigating your life by living your Strategy. Understand snapshots of each Type to learn how you can best support yourself & those around you!

3 – High Vibe / Low Vibe?

What is the Shadow Self, or Not-Self characteristics of each Human Design Type? How does understanding your Shadow help you transform into healed & integrated versions of yourself?

4 – Human Design Mechanics?

The meat and potatoes of this Course!

5 – Connecting With Your Body?

A deep dive into the healthy and unhealthy expression of the Centers.

6 – In Conclusion

7 – Interactive Exercises

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  • 6 Modules: 4.5 hours of videos
  • PDF Slides for Each Module
  • Gates Digital Fillable Workbook
  • Gates eBook – Book references & Resources
  • 4 Audio Guided Meditations – Body Scan, Yoga Nidra, Reiki Infused Centers Meditation, Life Purpose Incarnation Cross