HD.OS : Human Design Oracle System – Inner Guidebook – Print Edition


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Master Human Design Effortlessly with the Human Design Oracle System!

This book was born out of the need to demystify the complex presentation of Human Design (HD).

Finally, you’ll know how read your unique Human Design chart with clarity and depth.
You’ll also easily learn how to read the Human Design Gates with ease, and transform your life in the process.

Unveil the hidden themes woven within your life as you venture deep into the Gates that compose your unique Human Design Chart. This journey of self-awareness, masterfully navigated in HD.OS, promises to unlock the secrets of your true essence, fostering a profound sense of empowerment.

At the heart of Human Design lies the concept that within each of us lies a tapestry of Gates, intricately linked to our very DNA. Human Design Oracle System offers a new way to decode these Gates. It illuminates their positions in your chart, the themes they create in relation to other gates, the cosmic forces impacting them, and the ancient Eastern philosophy of the I’Ching that shapes their meanings. With grace and precision, this guidebook unveils the many interpretations of your Human Design Chart, each Gate leading to deeper self-awareness, personal development, and divination.

Your Human Design Chart is more than an image; it’s a living, breathing blueprint that moves with your life. Each Gate serves as a portal to various aspects of your existence, offering strategies for interaction with the world around you – be it through projection, generation, or manifestation. Gates are real energy you experience throughout your life. Like the sun and planets, you play each Gate’s energy like notes in a cosmic symphony, deliberately or unconsciously.

HD.OS is not another Human Design book. It is a guide to engage your senses, awaken the patterns, visuals, and memories that reside within you, and most importantly your intuition. Through visual journeys, divination interpretations, energy experiences, and embodiment practices, HD.OS guides you to remember and rediscover your inner wisdom, and practice accepting it 100% without a doubt.

In a world teeming with Human Design knowledge, HD.OS illuminates embodiment. Beyond intellectual exploration, this guidebook bridges the gap between theory and practice, with actionable steps to better understand yourself. Don’t just absorb information; become it! HD.OS will help you ground your knowledge in your body and authentic self.

Step into a new era of transformation, embracing your unique perspective and linguistic power. In the tapestry of humanity, every perspective matter. HD.OS invites you to embrace your puzzle-piece role and enrich the collective with your authentic language and empowered voice.

In each chapter, you’ll find:

  • Snapshot of the Gate: Quickly access the essential information about each gate, its location, circuitries and associated energies [astrology and tarot].
  • Divination Meaning: Use this book to discover the meaning of the gate in your reading. Explore the I-Ching and HD meanings for more. This can help during planetary transits.
  • Light and Activated State: Explore higher levels of awareness linked to each gate, promoting growth and expansion.
  • Shadow and Contracted State: Recognize lower consciousness, identify tendencies, and use self-awareness to transform and elevate.
  • Human Design Specifics: The basics for interpreting your chart in respect to the Gates to connect the dots. We cover Gate Strategies and Circuitry.
  • Activating the Energy: Engage with the gate’s theme through suggested exercises, books, movies, or practices to deepen comprehension and integration.

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