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Welcome to Holistic Human Design Foundations!

In typical “1 line” fashion, in this Course I lay down the foundation for what to expect, what you can learn, & how Holistic Human Design (HHD) takes on a different perspective in spiritual & personal development.

What you will learn in this course:


What Will I Learn?

  • Know the origins of the Human Design System & Themes of Consciousness
  • Why We Are Integrating Yoga & Reiki Energy Into These Teachings
  • Tips & Tricks for the 5 Human Design Types
  • Learn What Raising Your Vibration Actually Means & How to Do It
  • Where to Find Your Human Design Chart & How To Navigate Two Popular Options

Topics for this course

12 Lessons03h 35m 55s


Welcome hOMe! Embark on your journey with these journal prompts and guided meditation so you are able to get the most out of your experience and begin to transform your life from the inside out!
Setting Your Intentions and Envisioning Your Future00:19:52
Align With Your Design00:20:03
Tips & Tricks for Each of the 5 Human Design Types00:32:01
Why Incorporate Yoga?00:19:27
Yoga Experience – Hatha Flow to Align with Your Body & Strategy00:42:19
Yoga Kriya – Ego Eradicator to Meet Your Mind00:13:28
How to Raise Your Vibration00:36:21
What is Reiki?00:22:20
Wrap Up & Overall Intention00:10:00

How to Read Your Human Design Chart?

Two Separate Videos that show you different charts from Jovian Archive and, and how to interpret them.

Bonus Videos?

Extra yoga classes & talks
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Material Includes



  • Setting Intentions Guided Meditation & Journal Entry Page
  • Six Informational Videos & Slides for respective lessons
  • Type & Strategy Postcards PDF
  • Heart & Mind Mapping - Themes of Consciousness PDF
  • Two Yoga Experiences to Cultivate Mind-Body Connection