Are you ready for a deep dive into personal transformation?

You know the basics of your Human Design and you’re desiring to go deeper into fully embodying and deconditioning…

You’re looking for a container to reflect back to you aspects of yourself to see where you can fully activate your Design…

You know you are ready for a catalyst, and you’re ready to step further into your soul’s mission, but not entirely sure what that is…

These transumative immersions are designed with you in mind. You’re the inspiration for these experiences…

Align With Your Design Challenge

1st Event March 2022

This 7-Day Week Long Challenge is the micro version of the much more involved Mastermind.

Shadow work, transmuting limiting beliefs, letting go of what no longer serves you, filling up your internal cup with your Human Design mental framework to step more into your fully activated Self…

All this and more!


* Recommended that you have taken the Holistic Human Design Crash Course OR have basic foundational knowledge of Human Design mechanics, and/or bought the individual workbook set.

Align With Your Design Mastermind

This 6-Week Long Mastermind only happens 2-3 times a year! This experience builds on the Challenge and goes into depth all the different elements even further.

This is for those who experienced the week long Challenge & want more of that experience and really dive deep into emerging from the other side with a new and improved outlook.

In Beta Mode


I have the concepts, the outline, the formula, and my own personal Design & life experience to make these experiences rock!


Yet as a Projector with so many open centers, I vibe off your energy and am inspiried by what you bring to the collective experience.

We will be co-creating these experiences together!

Your Future Self is Cheering You On…

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